Firefighter Driver SOP Template

Standard Operating Procedure For Your Department

Download this free SOP to personalize and adapt it to your department’s guidelines.

Ensure that you thoroughly validate the information in your Driver Operator SOP before enacting driver procedures in your department.  This template is provided with the assumption that you will edit it to meet your department standards.

Before you download, please review this synopsis of the SOP template:


To establish a fair and consistent manner for allowing personnel to work as a Driver/Engineer.


To minimize risk to the {YOUR DEPARTMENT NAME} and ensure that only qualified personnel are allowed to drive and/or operate fire apparatus.


This guideline shall apply to all Fire Department personnel who are in the position of Driver/Engineer or temporarily work in this position.


The Training Officer is charged with the responsibility of keeping an accurate role of personnel qualified to work and/or act in the position of Driver/Engineer.

It shall be the responsibility of fire personnel’s immediate supervisor to ensure that their personnel have adequate career counseling and have the tools needed to prepare themselves to become a Driver/Engineer or act in this position should their personnel desire to do so.

Free Word Template

Firefighter Driver SOP

Download and customize as much as needed – everything in this Word® document can be suited to your department training needs and branding specifications.

Firefighter Operator/Engineer SOP

If you’re looking to establish your own department Driver Operator SOP – simply print it out or digitally store it after modifying the necessary verbiage.

Free Word Template Includes:

  • Driver/Engineer Guideline
  • Backing Fire Department Apparatus
  • Moving Vehicle Guideline
  • Incident Response Guideline
  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler/Water Flow Alarm Activation Response
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Response: Extrication & Injuries
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Response: No Injuries
  • Grass & Trash Fire Response
  • Bomb Threats/Investigation
  • Reported Structure Fire
  • Vehicle Fires, Spills, Leaks, & Odors
  • Carbon Monoxide Response
  • Emergency Medical/First Responder
  • FF Driver Purpose
  • Driver SOP Objective
  • Driver Scope
  • Firefighter Driver Responsibilities

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